Testimonials – Meter Reading Services In Brooklyn, NY

Below is what our customers say about our meter reading services in Brooklyn, NY. Informing tenants of equipment issues, inspection reports, informing clients of equipment issues, are just some of the services we offer to our clients.

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My company, First Class Management, Inc., has been working with The Meter Reading Services Corp for over ten years. They service a large number of buildings for us ranging from retail to mixed-use assets. They are extremely reliable and accurate. Their flexibility cannot be compared to anyone else. They provide customized reports for us on a request basis. Having The Meter Reading Services Corp relieves a ton of manual calculations and overhead for us. Definitely worth hiring as a service!

Albert Aranbaev | Asset Management
FCMRE | First Class Management

We own or manage more than a Hundred and twenty properties in the Metropolitan area. We rely on The Meter Reading Services Corp. to do actual readings of the Many meters and sub meters in those properties in order to maintain accuracy in our billing processes and we are pleased to say that they are reliable, persistent (an important word for meter reading services, since access is not always readily available) and accurate.

Their costs are reasonable, and we have had no ‘Tenant Complaints’ about their method.

Alice Cagman
Abeco Management, LLC

The service we receive from The Meter Reading Service has helped monitor not only water use in the properties we manage but also to help us control the use with regard to the commercial spaces as well as leak detection and excess consumption. The notes they provide by actually going to the property to read the meters is something the City's AMR program can't do. We have used their readings to correct DEP billing on many occasions and they have proved invaluable in court actions with our commercial tenants.

Their attention to the details and willingness to work with us has given us a valuable tool to help control an aspect of the property management business that is very hard to control - water consumption.

Richard L. Berner
Operations Manager
Lemle & Wolff, Inc.