Meter Reading Services in Brooklyn, NY, for Property Owners

The Meter Reading Services is fully equipped to offer a range of specialty jobs, such as main meter reading services in Brooklyn, NY. Because of this, we’re confident that we’re capable of meeting your needs and earning your complete satisfaction. With years of experience to our name, our technicians know how to handle all kinds of tasks–like informing clients of equipment issues right away.

Trust us to procure the most accurate data when it comes to your resource tracking needs. Whether it’s for you or your tenants, you’ll receive the most effective services available. Our meter reading specialists can help you streamline your energy consumption needs or those of your tenants. Here are just a few of our specialties:

We Make Utility Tracking More Manageable

Property owners and managers of companies with commercial space need to charge their tenants for the resources they use every day. When tenants’ meters go unread, that’s money out of your pocket. Our dedicated specialists can take steps to ensure you receive what they owe you. At your request, we implement a billing system and inspection reports designed for your property. This allows you to take correct readings and eliminate overestimated bills.

We strive to hold our clients and their tenants accountable for their utility usage. Ergo, we also monitor residential and commercial properties, verify DEP readings, and inform clients of all water waste. Our comprehensive inspection reports are available on a monthly or quarterly basis and include all main and sub-meters on the premises.

Accurate Work with No Commitments

Our technicians take an individualized approach and guarantee your satisfaction. Accurate meter reading saves our customers money. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing them with the best service at a reasonable rate. There are no contracts to sign, so any time you wish to discontinue, you can do so with one call.

Contact us for readings that are always accurate. We visit properties throughout Brooklyn, New York, and the metropolitan area.